Comments by a Chemist

Allowable Cosmetic Ingredients

What is allowed in the Cosmetic Industry? Examples: Phenoxyethanol is in Schedule 6 and cannot be used at more than 1% in a cosmetic. Bitter orange oil is in Schedule 5 and is considered a cosmetic when used in soaps or bath or shower gels that are washed off the skin, when used at 1.4% or less, or in other preparations when labelled with “application to the skin may increase sensitivity to sunlight”.

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Scientist formulating beauty care product using the lab tools

The Science of Microbiome & The Consumer

It is hard as consumers, formulators and educators in this space to navigate through the confusions of terms that are continually thrown around such as “pro-biotic skincare” or “Pre-biotic Health” or “microbiome friendly” ingrediets, Coupled with the fact  that there is no official regulation or definitions around these terms, it’s easy to see the confusion throughout the skin-science community. How can this growing claim in our personal care industry, be validated?

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