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Our pH Factor Shop provides you with the freedom to explore and formulate on your own terms with insights and resources at your fingertips. You can purchase and download digital product recipes, access our incredible ingredients store, level up with our business resources, and even hire one of our professional formulation experts to work alongside you as you develop your formulation.

Ready Made Formulations

If you are eager to begin your formulation journey but not sure where to start, we have a whole range of ready-made formulations professionally formulated, loved by our clients and proven to work. You can purchase them wholesale or tailor your own product line using pH Factor approved and scientifically backed formulations.

Skin Clay Mask Formulation
Face Wash Formulation AHA – BHA – PHA
All Over Wash Formulation
Face Oil Formulation

EXCLUSIVE - Member Only Formulations

Collagen Serum

Shop Business Resources

Streamline your processes and save time with our business resources and templates for beauty and home-care brand owners. With decades of industry experience, we know what you need to make your business processes more efficient and organised. From pre-built forms to costing templates, we have what you need.

Formulation Costing Template (.xlsx)
Stability Form Template

Shop Laboratory Ingredients & Equipment

Need ingredients or equipment to formulate your products? Look no further! We supply the best quality ingredients and the lab equipment you need so that you can develop your formulations with ease.

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Hire A Formulator Package

Cut out trial and error by working with an experienced Chemist and Scientist to get your formulations right. By becoming a Development Partner with us, Contract Manufacturers can skip the hefty costs of hiring full time lab staff. Access the expertise and experience of our award-winning lead Chemist and Scientists. pH Factor offers access to qualified industry professionals who can work with and mentor you in real-time as you create your products. Our expert production team can also supervise initial production runs of your product to ensure everything is going according to plan.

Ingredients In Focus

Our experts will provide you with access to all of the latest ingredient knowledge and supplies from our very own in-house ingredients store. You can purchase our ingredients at a reduced rate. We also supply ingredient packs that include instant formula cards and digital product recipes so you can start formulating your products yourself. Our membership platform gives you full access to our ingredients library which offers an insight into the Chemical, Physical and Functional profiles of key personal care ingredients so that you can create and formulate with confidence.

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