Ingredient in Focus: Behentrimonium Chloride

Understanding the hair allows us to understand key ingredient to use to help support.

Watch this cool video (from a white man with no curly hair haha) for a short understanding of WHAT MAKES CURLY HAIR CURLY. And why Curly hairs needs are different!

Conditioning thick curly and frizzy hair can be quite challenging as you want to ensure you have ample power for comb-through but not too much for residue! Curly hair need extra TLC because as the video shows, natural oils find it hard to move down the hair.

Choosing key ingredients that have an affinity to hair is crucial. Hair naturally has a negative charge — sort of like static electricity, but this is insulated by our hair’s protective lipid layer. Damaged hair has higher negative charge, and the hairs literally try to separate from each other, creating frizz. That’s why we need to include ingredients in the formula that are positively charged. The idea is that these bond to the hair — opposites attract — reducing negative charges and helping the hair lay down better, so we look at a CATIONIC for the best power in conditioning!

Behentrimonium Chloride

This is a cationic waxy-like substance that works as a de-frizzer and conditioning agent. It also works as an emulsifying agent which helps to improve the moisture content of the hair. It is OIL SOLUBLE to it needs to be added to the oil phase and melted when used.

As a lipophilic material, human hair tends to repels water but actively absorbs oil. 

FACT: One Kg of human hair can absorb up to 8L of oil, making it a highly effective material for cleaning up oil spills!!!

Manketti Oil

A sustainable ingredient which has a relatively low oleic to linoleic fatty acid proportions. It has film-forming properties which offers detangling. It will absorb nicely in the hair without making it feel heavy!

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