Allowable Cosmetic Ingredients

What is allowed in the Cosmetic Industry?

  • Ingredients that may have adverse effects in your cosmetics are regulated under the SUSMP / Poisons Standard
  • Regularly updated based on scientific and therapeutic developments
  • Cosmetics can’t contain ingredients from Schedules 2,3,4,8 of the Poisons Standard
  • Cosmetics can only contain ingredients from Schedules 5,6 if they are within the set limits and contain appropriate warnings.


Phenoxyethanol is in Schedule 6 and cannot be used at more than 1% in a cosmetic.

Bitter orange oil is in Schedule 5 and is considered a cosmetic when used in soaps or bath or shower gels that are washed off the skin, when used at 1.4% or less, or in other preparations when labelled with “application to the skin may increase sensitivity to sunlight”.