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Introducing PH Factor

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Who are we?

Since 2010, pH Factor has been helping Australian beauty, cosmetics, and home care brands formulate, create, and deliver award-winning, market ready products. Whether it’s in the lab, during hands-on workshops, or in consultations, our expert team of scientists and specialists can help you create the different.                   

What we do?

From formulation and production to getting market-ready, we offer on-shore product manufacturing and brand development for beauty, cosmetics, and home care brands in Australia. We pride ourselves on an exceptional level of transparency and control over the production process and are committed to using sustainable resources in the products we create to reduce environmental impact.

We know you may not be an industry expert like us, so we don’t just stop at products. We’re passionate about ensuring you’re educated, knowledgable, and set up for success. Working with pH Factor means gaining access to our experts who can help in areas of product formulation to create your dream products, brand development and product marketing to ensure you don’t just have a product, but a product that sells.

We also provide specialist education so that you can confidently understand and communicate exactly how and why your products work.

How we do it

By perfecting the balance between scientific formulations and naturally derived ingredients, we are able to help you create exceptional beauty, cosmetic, and home care products.

No matter where you’re at, we can take you from concept to creation with an exceptionally performing and marketed product, so you can create the different.

pH Factor is Shifting The
Molecules in..

pH Factor is Shifting The
Molecules in..

How we do it

Why We're Different

We are the only stop
you need to make

From concept to delivery (& everything in between), we accelerate ideas with everything you need all in one place. Our team’s expertise and experience ensures science meets substance, so you can be proud of going to market. Get the correct guidance and support across everything from business strategy and formulations to manufacturing and logistics.

You are in control
of your journey

Do you need help tailored to your individual business stage? Or maybe you want full-scale product delivery? You choose your journey with us. Whether you’re simply after education, raw materials, product development or manufacturing, you can take advantage of our tried and true logistics processes and benefit from our vast industry experience.

The forefront of
Cutting-Edge Innovation

Do you have a unique idea? We create out-of-the-oridnary, cutting-edge products and are known for creating product and brand leaders in their categories. Our expert Chemists, Scientists & Trainers bring innovation to life in our lab. Work with us and gain direct access to the latest market trends, scientific breakthroughs, exciting new ingredients, and packaging developments to help your brand thrive.

Quality Skincare Formulations
at your fingertips

Don’t know where to source what? Our Beauty Hub service provides you with the opportunity to purchase in bulk or develop your personal line of products using our ready-made natural ranges of skincare. Gain instant access to digital product recipes and shop unique supplies from our ingredients store. You can even choose to hire our fully equipped laboratory space to create on your own.