Get Started with The Lab

Bring your vision to life

The Lab takes you from idea to market ready

The Lab is where we turn your product ideas into reality! It’s our very own pH Factor laboratory where we provide in-house services, consultations, and small-scale pilot and launch batches.

Wondering exactly what we can create? We specialise in personal care products (including skincare, cosmetics and hair care) and home care products.

That’s not all. Our qualified trainers and chemists are industry experts who can educate you on the latest market trends to help you create the most up-to-date and relevant products possible. We also offer in-house staff training so that they can confidently understand and promote your products.

Our highly experienced team can help you along every step of the process, from product development and cosmetics formulation, to small batch production, education, and training. No matter what business or development stage you’re in, The Lab can support you.

The product process

Your 6-Steps Towards Success

We work with you through the six product stages to transform your initial concept into a highly effective product. We have helped our clients through product planning, formulation experimentation, product testing, qualifications and approvals, sample market launches, and retail market preparations. Through this proven process we have created many award-winning brands and product ranges you may already know and love.


The Key Areas You Need
to Get Right


Define Your
Product’s Direction

Before jumping into the deep end, get crystal clear on the product you want to develop. Our in-house team of laboratory and production experts can help you navigate the benefits and functions you want your new product to achieve. Its aesthetic characteristics and product formulation will make all the difference to the success of your sales. Chatting with Melinda, our production expert, can ensure your product concept aligns with your brand image and customers’ needs.


The Art of
Finding The
Right Formulation

Creating the right formulation is entirely dependent on science. Perfecting your starting product formulation is a trial and error process that requires careful examination of your formulation development. This is why you need to be in the hands of a highly experienced and qualified cosmetic chemist who has years of product ingredient knowledge and testing experience to share with you. Consulting Rita, our in-house Chemist, during the formulation process will ensure that suitable samples and trials are conducted so that you can touch and feel the product and confirm it works how you imagined.


Master Your
Product Launch & Marketing Strategy

With a perfected product formula in hand, Melinda, our Brand Development Manager, will ensure you are equipped with a wide range of knowledge on branding and marketing strategies. Our Retail Branding Strategists will also ensure your products are 100% market-ready. In addition, the team will share their insight on the right sales strategies for you and help direct your product launch, so that your product stands out amongst the crowd of other brands in the marketplace!