Imagine a world where conscious
beauty can create the different

The pH Factor Mission

We’re creating change in the beauty & care industry. We endeavour to educate others through showcasing and developing formulations for health and wellness products that are sustainable and scientifically advanced.

Our Philosophy

Conscious Beauty &

Science Combined

We believe in combining the power of organic and natural ingredients with scientifically proven formulas, so your products work in harmony with the skin rather than against it. Our team stands by The Ethos of Eco-Conscious Science. We proudly campaign to evoke eco-conscious change in the beauty and home care industry.

At pH Factor, the health and wellness of our clients and customers, is a central priority within each of our services. Our products are formulated to national and international recognised standards such as; Australian Certified Organic (ACO), Organic Food (OFC), ECCERT (EU Organic), and COSMOS. We have the ability to work with you and guide you in receiving organic product certification, so you can display those logos on your products proudly. At pH Factor, we use organic and naturally derived ingredients where possible, providing the best protection for our skin and the environment.

What sets us apart

We’re Serious About
Product Safety & Quality

We stand out from our competitors by investing extensive resources into ensuring the products we produce meet safety and quality standards. In addition, preservative efficacy testing is performed as part of our standard procedures and gives a solid indication of the preservative effectiveness for each product under normal conditions.

Our commitment to performing this type of testing ensures that each product delivered to our clients maintains the best product shelf life and performance.

Multiple government bodies impose hidden regulations when creating, presenting or advertising cosmetic products, and all businesses must comply with these regulations for certification to enter the market. Our team is fully trained in meeting these regulations, and we can also guide you in avoiding the many pitfalls and mistakes businesses make. In addition, we hold a wealth of experience in meeting strict regulations under the guidance of the Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (AICIS) and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).