Skin Clay Mask Formulation


The rise of the Clay Mask has offered home users a “Salon” experience. Clays are perfectly natural, mineral origin, and can be cosmetic actives with multiple uses.

Our Skin Clay Mask formulation is the perfect base for your custom mask product or project.

What am I buying?

By purchasing this Formulation you are receiving a single, non transferrable license to utilise the Formulation.
The Formulation remains the intellectual property of PH Factor and is subject to Copyright.

By Licensing the Formulation you receive permission to utilise the Formulation within your products with no limitations as to the number of variations i.e colour.

Whats in the Package?

Each Formulation includes a detailed information sheet including:

  • Market Analysis,
  • Ingredients List with Qty’s,
  • Manufacturing Procedure,
  • Estimated Formula Cost per KG
  • Marketing Claims of Key Ingredients,


You can also purchase the Formulation including 1KG of all ingredients.

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