The quest for beauty never ends.

It is often hard to know whether skin “needs” and “issues”, such as  pigmentation, wrinkles, inflammation, and skin dehydration, occur due to external elements or internal changes.

Skin issues have various causes, and scientists are continuously researching safe and efficient skin treatment products to address skin concerns.

Choosing the right ingredients from the vast (and growing) list of what is available is both an art and a science, requiring a deep understanding of chemistry and a keen insight into consumer needs. As formulators and chemists, we begin by defining the product’s purpose and the benefits it aims to deliver.

This initial step guides our selection of active ingredients that are proven to achieve specific outcomes, such as hydration, anti-aging, or sun protection.

Safety and stability are paramount, so we carefully consider each ingredient’s compatibility with others in the formula and its response to various environmental factors like temperature and light. Additionally, we prioritise ingredients that align with the latest industry regulations and consumer preferences towards ethical sourcing and environmental sustainability.

By staying updated with scientific research and emerging trends, we ensure that each formulation not only meets the client’s brief but also stands out in the competitive personal care space.

One often overlooked yet crucial factor in cosmetic formulation is the skin itself.

Understanding the skin’s protective nature, its functions as well as delivery pathways, can greatly aid formulators in choosing the most appropriate ingredients for their products. 

This knowledge helps us focus on efficacy and purpose, rather than succumbing to the pressure of incorporating every new, trendy ingredient solely for marketing appeal in the highly competitive, billion-dollar beauty industry. 

By grounding our choices in science and skin biology, we ensure our formulations are both effective and sensible, tailored to genuinely benefit the consumer.

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What's included

This e-book is a guide for formulators wanting to take a look at

The structure and layers of the skin (with some great visuals)

Summary of key skin concerns with a focus on skin pigmentation and damaged cells from UVr

Pathways of delivery of actives in the skin

Key Ingredients that can aid a formulators choice


I can better understand the requirements of formulations for a number of different skin conditions.
Lead R&D Manager at a Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Company
It helps me be more mindful of skin biochemistry when formulating skin care products.
R&D Manager, Cosmetic Skincare Brand

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