Our Services

From idea to shelf service.

Our specialist team will work with you through every step of the process. From Research and Development, through manufacturing, testing and filling to helping with brand packaging. Tailored to your specific needs, we can help with any of the services we offer.


The science behind the formula is critical to delivering an incredible result. Our vast expertise lies in knowing how ingredients perform on the skin and how they combine together. We offer:

Inhouse training

Our qualified trainers and Chemist can help to provide sales, marketing and manufacturing staff with - basic product and ingredient knowledge

Help Desk

Our team can answer client enquiries regarding your products and raw materials.

Trend reports

Our market report service shares the latest in innovation from ingredients to packaging.

The Lab

Our state-of -the-art inhouse lab is designed to cater for all levels and stages of your product cycle from small scale development, to bigger brand projects. Our specialist team offer R&D, formulating & testing, contract manufacturing, filling and packaging services. 


From new product creation to trouble-shooting an existing formula, we will help you finesse beautifully performing, highly-effective products. As part of the development process, we can organise retail field days – visiting stores to see where your product would sit in-store.


Industry regulated safety reports, we are fully qualified to assist you in delivering a pristine, market ready product.


Whether a single product or a full range, our team will work with your brief and guide you to creating the absolute best product for your requirements. We pride ourselves on delivering pristine products, all formulations developed at pH Factor will undergo Microbial testing before manufacture.


We offer filling services right here at the lab so are easily able to scale for start-ups to more established brands.

Contract Manufacturing

We specialise in creating high-quality formulations tailored to your business requirements. We are structured to cater for all business models, big or small.

Lead times

We will work with you to bring your vision to life and at our initial meeting we plan timelines to deliver the best possible results. If your idea is launch critical, we have the expertise to help tailor a custom solution to fit the brief.


We are licensed to formulate to standards such as: Australian Certified Organic (ACO), Organic Food (OFC),  ECCERT (EU Organic), COSMOS


We value your business and understand how precious an idea is. We treat all client information, brand names and product formulations with the utmost discretion, all information shared with us is confidential.