pH Mentorship Program

From: $49.00 / month for 12 months


Professional support in the development of your product.

All pH World Membership benefits PLUS

  • 1 hour free consult with branding partner (Brand Force) who will review/audit your brand to determine if retail ready,
  • 30 minute monthly Q&A session / pick your brain
  • 1 free workshop / year valued at $75
  • Access to Members Only basic recipes
  • Product Development Briefing / Business plan why factor, ethos, what you want brand/product to look like (product development briefing),
  • Cost analysis how to cost, skus
  • Compliance and regulatory assistance how to label, what needs to be on packaging, weight/measurement, what can be claimed/not claimed
  • Ingredients of choice look at key ingredients, how to read a safety data sheet/understand basic chemicals (toxic etc keywords), what ingredients to use in products, sustainability made,
  • Discounted Workshops, Lab Hire, Formulation Development and Training.

2022 Introductory Bonuses

  • 1 hour 1:1 with our Chemists to start the creation of your product.