Cosmetics Product Development

The team at pH Factor will work closely with you in developing a product that is uniquely suited to your brand, your customers and your costs.

In the formulation stage we work with you to ensure your outcomes are met:

  • Performance of your product

  • Ingredients that are important to you

  • The philosophy of your product or brand

  • Packaging, look and feel

As each product is its own creation, it can sometimes take multiple formulas and trials to get it right.

Substantiation of your product is the next crucial step. How much evidence is required to satisfy the needs of your market? How much due diligence is required for your product, to ensure that it remains stable and safe for your customers?

It is imperative that you consider the benefits and importance of Stability & Preservative testing. There are various stages of the Stability Process, and more detail about each stage is available on the following pages.

Testing of this sort is not mandatory in Australia however if you want to include a best before on the label and ensure your product is safe for use, it is vital to provide end users with a representation of the ongoing safety and quality of a product by having the stability of the product determined.

The ACCC does monitor products in the marketplace and they perform their own testing from time to time and should your product not deem fit for consumers, the ACCC will enforce a “Product Recall”. Please take the time to look at the ACCC website to familarise yourself with this process and to keep informed about products that are recalled in the “BEAUTY & HEALTH” Segment.

Thank-you for considering pH Factor as your development partner.