Microbiome – the next big trend

By looking at the trends in retail, businesses can better predict what their customers will want in the near future and move into a position to fulfil that requirement.

MICROBIOME is starting to become the next big trend. Or maybe it will here to stay – mainstream. Let’s look at the data that supports this growing bacteria skincare.

As we look at ways to improve our skin health, especially POST PANDEMIC, we turn to our industry experts and events who are driving the trends and supporting our up & coming brands.

In February, an exciting PROBIOTA conference was held in Barcelona, Spain. Global experts came together to offer their insights into this topic. All things inner & outer health! This will be a regular annual event where the event will bring together the best speakers from academia, industry, and the regulators.

Here is a list of the top 30 words used in the claims of cosmetics marketed as probiotics. Word cloud generated using a compilation of the claims of 50 cosmetic products claiming to contain probiotics.

The probiotic cosmetics market is expected to grow at a CAGR of nearly 12% during 2020 – 2030 (Fact.MR). This is unsurprising, given the niche nature of this market and the increasing level of interest from consumers and businesses alike.

Lumina Intelligence has identified three key health areas for probiotic skin care across 25 countries. These are:

  • Acne (23 products)
  • Eczema (34 products)
  • General skin health (343 products)

Interest over time

This chart shows worldwide interest over the last 10 years for searches containing “probiotics skin”, “probiotics eczema” and “probiotics acne”.