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Supply of Products

Over the past few weeks, we have talked about your product, your packaging and labelling and although we spoke briefly about supply last month I would like to dwell a little deeper and what to expect. As previously mentioned, the last thing you want to do as a small brand is to finally get your break that you have been working so hard towards and have stock rejected, not be able to supply or not be compliant with their requirements. So let’s break this down and have a look, why would your stock get rejected when they ordered in the

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Creating Your Product – Where to Start

Do you want to create a stand-out beauty and cosmetics brand? Well, the secret ingredient you need is a strong niche. One of the biggest mistakes we see in the industry is a failure to niche, causing both short and long term problems for brands. Your main goal in developing your brand should be to create a highly focused beauty brand that reflects the needs, values, and desires of your chosen niche. By doing so, you create a much stronger brand that is more likely to succeed in today’s competitive market. At pH Factor, we are big believers in the

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Packaging – 3 Key Requirements

Apart from it needing to be attractive to the consumer and the buyer from the first impression to it sitting on the retail shelf, you need to abide by regulatory requirements in the countries and market you are going to supply to. Every country has different regulatory guidelines so it’s important to make sure you comply to their legislative requirements. In Australia we have several governing bodies that your products will need to comply with. Some Key Requirements that you need your cosmetic products to follow in Australia are listed below: For more detail about these requirements & compliance be sure to book into our

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Cosmetic vs Therapeutic Products

How do you know if your product is a cosmetic or Therapeutic? Let’s look at the difference between them: Cosmetic v Therapeutic Products In Australia substance to be used on any external part of the body, or inside the mouth, which: Cosmetics can only have an impact or effect on the epidermal layer of the skin. Cosmetic Products – Samples Therapeutic Product – Definition In Australia, a product to be used on any external part of the body with a view to: Therapeutic goods can have an impact or effect on the dermis layer of the skin and below: Therapeutic Product – Categories

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Testing Your Product

Although testing is not currently mandated in Australia, cosmetic brands are expected to provide safe products for consumers. Therefore, you should always plan on testing your products before you launch them. The two types of testing for cosmetic products are Stability Testing and Preservative Efficacy Testing (PET).  Stability Testing versus PET (Preservative Efficacy Testing) Cosmetics naturally degrade over time. These tests will reveal the extent to which your product degrades under different conditions and exposures.  Stability testing Stability tests assess whether your product will hold up during its intended life span. Stability testing involves accelerated tests, in which your product

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Scientist formulating beauty care product using the lab tools

Your Product – 2 Essential Truths

Lets talk about your product! Let’s begin with two essential truths. First, there are many excellent beauty and wellness brands already on the market, with more being launched every day. Many of these brands come with incredible packaging, compelling founder stories or trendy ingredients, while others boast celebrity backing or hard-to-get clinical data. This means you need to be noticed in this very crowded space. You not only need to be noticed you need to be remembered. Whatever your message is, one this is for sure, your point of difference needs to be very clear, specific, understandable & relatable. If

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