Branding Questions to Ask Yourself

We are going to ask you to ask yourself the following questions about your brand and what you want for your brand.

Your Product

  1. Does your brand have a clear point of difference?
  2. Who is your target customer?
  3. Does your need address your target customer?
  4. Why is your product the best at addressing these needs and why should consumers believe you?

Your Packaging

  1. Is your packaging an asset to your brand?
  2. Does it work?
  3. Is it reliable?
  4. Is it Legible?
  5. Is it attractive and easy to use?


  1. Are you ready and able to delivery?
  2. Have you addressed regulatory hurdles?
  3. Do you have stock on hand?
  4. Can you pack to the retailers’ requirements?

Brand Support and Pull-Through

  1. Can you brand support specials?
  2. Does your brand have training available?
  3. Can your brand support in-store promotions eg: GWP and external promotions eg advertising?
  4. Can your brand support account management to the Retailer?

It is important to understand what Retailers expect and the language they talk. After all these questions are answered you might decide this is for your brand or you might decide that you would prefer to be retail ready on line or other options.