Trends Predicted to Transform Hair, Home & Beauty in 2022

To say the nature of the health and beauty industry is ever-evolving is an understatement. Each year we see an abundance of new and innovative cosmetic advancements and ingredients being added to the mix.

If your goal is to create innovative homecare, skincare or haircare lines with dreams of being stocked in stores around the nation, then staying up-to-date with the latest trends is the way to go.

As innovators in our field, pH Factor is at the forefront of homecare and beauty industry trends, so we can educate our clients on what ingredients and product formulations are in high demand.

One thing is for sure: a more holistic approach to development is on the rise.

With so many new technologies and ingredients constantly being released, how can you be sure you are getting it right? Read on to discover what pH Factor has identified as the emerging homecare, skincare and haircare trends for 2022! 


Skincare Trend Predictions

The skincare industry changes like the wind with an abundance of innovative trends coming out each year. We predict that the less is more approach to skincare will continue to be in the limelight for 2022. This means keeping your skincare routine minimal to allow your skin to breathe and ensure you’re not overworking your skin.

Other trends on the rise include increasing the use of nourishing products that protect the skin’s barrier and using acids less frequently. Let’s explore our top skin care picks below.


1. Blue Light Protection

Light therapy is making a comeback in 2022, but this time it’s in your products! Studies show that extended periods of exposure to blue light over time can accelerate dullness, dryness, and premature ageing in our skin. Blue light pollution is a man-made version of the sun emitted from electronic devices. Most of us check our phones at least 100 times a day, so it is essential to protect against blue light.

Lightweight multi-functioning products are combining antioxidants with blue light protection through the use of serums, sunscreens, moisturisers, and face mists. Products that are infused with this blue light defense are designed to protect your skin from both the sun and LED lights.


2. Microbiome Friendly Skincare

Skincare that protects your microbiome is not a new concept but it has been flying under the radar until recently. Your skin’s microbiome acts as a shield against pathogens and bacteria and it forms part of your healthy skin barrier, along with the skin’s acid mantle. Skincare that is infused with prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics creates a positive bacterial skin balance that your skin will thank you for.


3. Holistic Beauty

As we saw in 2021, brands are taking a holistic approach to health and skincare by merging inner and outer beauty products. This trend views looking after your gut health as an essential role in creating healthy, radiating skin. Topical and oral collagen will continue to be a key player in the holistic beauty world. Collagen based supplements, in particular marine collagen, are proven to improve skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, and increase blood flow to the skin.

It is important to note that topically applied collagen can not be absorbed by the dermis. However, it does provide profound hydration benefits. For best results, collagen should be taken both orally and topically.


Skincare Ingredients In The Spotlight

Bakuchiol – A plant-based retinol that is made from purified botanical extracts of the seeds of the Psoralea Corylifolia plant. It is suitable for sensitive skin types and people who are breastfeeding or pregnant.

Sodium PCA – A skin replenisher that helps the skin naturally retain its moisture. It restores the skin’s protective barrier by hydrating the skin and trapping in moisture. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.


Hair Care Trend Predictions

Interestingly enough, in 2022 we predict that haircare and skincare will switch places. As you swap out that 10-step skincare routine with a less is more approach. Adding more sophistication to your hair care, beyond using a shampoo and conditioner, will be a key trend. This trend is known as the Skinification of Hair which infers that we should be giving our hair the same TLC as our skin.


1. SPF Hair Care

Just like your skin needs protection from harsh UVA/UVB rays, your hair also requires sun protection. UV rays make your hair brittle, prone to breakage, and fades hair colour quickly. Instead of applying sunscreen to your scalp which, let’s be honest, seems futile, we expect Zinc Oxide will take a rise, and be added to conditioning products to protect against these rays. Not only will this provide colour and hair protection, it will also protect against Skin Cancer on your scalp. Alternatively, antioxidants and Sunflower Seed Extract can help protect and calm the scalp from sun damage.


2. Skincare For Your Scalp

Hair Care formulas are taking a focus on improving scalp health to fix common problems such as frizz, oily scalp, limpness, and build-up. This can be achieved by extending your hair care routine with a four-step process. 

For example, we might see the below steps being added to hair care routines in 2022:

Scalp Preparation – Exfoliate your roots with active ingredients such as salicylic acid, tea tree, and glycolic acid before cleansing.

Cleansing – Incorporate ingredients such as micellar water which cleanses the hair without being too aggressive, or charcoal which is a great scalp detox ingredient.

Moisturising – Ingredients such as flax protein, biotin, and keratin added into your conditioner will help strengthen and aid in hair growth.

Enhanced Treatments – Incorporate hair serums and masks with potent actives, such as hyaluronic acid (HA), niacinamide, squalene, and ceramides to add shine, reduce frizz and protect the hair from damage.


Beauty Packaging Trend Predictions

Pantone’s 2022 Colour of the Year is Very Peri this beautiful blue hue with a violet red undertone inspires the creativity and reinvention taking place in the beauty market. Many beauty products and packaging are already on-trend and look very peri, such as the Tatcha skincare range. We predict you’ll be seeing a lot more of this calm and confident colour in 2022!


Health for your Home

For certain, consumers are looking to introduce more healthy regimens in their lives, which transfer over into their homes. An emerging home trend is the use of Probiotics in cleaning products. Considered a new way of cleaning, its purpose is to re-introduce good bacteria into your home. Probiotic cleaners pose many benefits. They are non-toxic, allergy-safe, pet and family-friendly, and natural. The probiotic cleaning products on the rise include air and fabric freshener sprays, all-purpose cleaners, and floor cleaning solutions.


Overarching 2022 Trend: Condensed Beauty

A trend that pH Factor predicts will continue to rise in 2022 is simplified sustainability, from product packaging to ingredient selection. This year, customers expect brands to be transparent about ingredients and clinical efficacy, and incorporate sustainability into their brand ethos.

This type of condensed beauty movement foresees that in 2022 brands will discover new ways to amplify the results and efficiency of beauty formulas while reducing product waste.

New and older brands are slowly adopting creative packaging strategies that use fewer materials, ditching the bubble wrap, and opting for sustainable, recyclable mailers instead. Also on the rise are brands creating refillable beauty product containers, allowing customers to purchase a new insert to reduce the impact of packaging waste. In addition, waterless washing products such as showerless shampoo and no-water needed shaving products are also expected to take a rise this year.

While products may be labelled as natural, they are usually not as environmentally friendly as they seem. Plant-based beauty products source ingredients from delicate ecosystems where the flora is already under threat, which can be more problematic many times than not.

pH Factor predicts that brands will start switching from plant-based ingredients to nature identical synthetic ingredients. To ensure our natural resources are not being depleted.


What’s Your Takeaway From All This?

As a beauty brand owner or start-up, to keep your offerings fresh and innovative, consider trialling or experimenting with the latest trends and ingredients. Trends come and go, so make sure you are equipped with the latest product knowledge and resources to succeed and stay ahead of the curve.

To discuss your products’ key benefits and gain access to insider knowledge, new emerging beauty trends, and in-demand ingredients, book a consultation with us today!